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Hum Hallelujah . . .

. . . just off the key of reason

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I just . . .
. . . watched the latest episode (Proof) and got seriously creeped out. I get that the killers on this show are meant to be creepy but this one was just - ugh, *shudders*.

Why did it have to be acid in people's eyes and stuff? Or at least, why did they have to show the results? Shockingly enough we got that sulphuric acid does damage when poured in places it shouldn't be when Reid said "sulphuric acid turns human flesh into soap". Usually I'm ok with TV violence, it doesn't usually bother me but this was just . . . icky. And creepifying. No, I don't care that that isn't a word.

Also, the ending was seriously jarring. We went straight from a scene of a man watching a tape of his daughter being tortured to Rossi giving the team a cooking lesson. Seriously?