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Hum Hallelujah . . .

. . . just off the key of reason

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So I . . .

. . . took my laptop to be repaired yesterday. Turns out there was actually nothing wrong with it and my lead was having a psycho moment when it refused to charge my computer but would power my sister's just fine, but whatever. New power lead and hey presto! working laptop picked up today.

While this is good news, the guys at the repair shop were great and non-judging and didn't say anything about the fact that I had essentially, if unintentionally, wasted all of their time, I detest going to have my computer looked at.

This has nothing to do with the actual repairmen in themselves, just that in order for them to do their job, I have to let other people near my laptop. I do NOT let other people near my laptop. Ever. It is password protected, the password is changed regularly and if my relatives want to borrow it they either tell me what they want and I do it, or I observe them while they do whatever it is. Luckily they usually just want me to Google stuff or renew their library books.

This might sound crazy (seeing it written out like that certainly makes me feel a little crazy) but I can't help it. The computer is my safe space, my privacy, my place to show all the parts of myself that I hide the rest of time. I love the anonymity of the internet because it lets me say things (such as the things I'm writing in this post) that I would never say to people I actually know, whether because they'd laugh, they'd judge me or they just wouldn't get it.

Plus, there's always that tiny little doubt in the back of my mind that says these people have access to every picture, document and saved website on the machine that I use to keep track of my life - knowing that they really don't care that I have a thing for photographing animals or that I think Aidan Turner is ridiculously hot (to name fairly harmless examples) doesn't mean I don't think there are some things about my life that no one I actually meet ever needs to know.

So, while I'm grateful to the guys who fixed my computer, I feel kind of violated and bit silly right now and I'm seriously hoping the feeling goes away soon.