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Hum Hallelujah . . .

. . . just off the key of reason

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I finally . . .

. . . got around to seeing the new Star Trek: Into Darkness film.

SO good. It was fabulous, really, with those nods to fans of the older series and really funny lines from all the characters. Everyone had something to do, the acting was great and dear god can Benedict Cumberbatch do a creepy villian voice. Speaking of, John Cho's commanding don't-even-think-about-screwing-with-me voice was pretty damn great too.

Glad I finally got around to going.

This isn't actually spoilery if you ask me, but I'm going to put it under a cut anyway just in case. I know I hate having films ruined for me and I wouldn't want to inadvertently do that to anyone else. I've never used an LJ cut before though so apologies if it goes wrong!